The current account situation on November 18th, 2018

Due to recent waves of reverifications being handed out, your most reliable option is a subscription account from a third party site. But there are now new options that offer reverification for a one time purchase.

Buying accounts always have the risk of losing them regardless of where you’ve bought it from. Please keep that in mind.

Buying from trustworthy Korean players is an option as well, but I cannot help you with that as there is a chance to be scammed. User selling accounts is not allowed in the /R/LostArkGame discord or subreddit either.

Options for buying new accounts:



Price: $19/month + $3 fee to reverify

Availability: In stock

Warranty: For as long as you keep paying.

You pay $19/month to rent the account and an additional $3 fee every time you need to reverify it. You pay a lot more for a secure account, but you lose your progress as soon as you stop paying. You must recharge before your month ends or they’ll take it back. All your characters and items will be gone, most likely sold to other players for RMT, and then someone else gets the account.

To recharge your account, NewGameWay will add a new product on their site for recharging.

This is the worst deal, but it is the most secure option available. In case Smilegate starts adding additional security measures to stop foreigners from playing, you will be able to play as long as you keep paying.


Price: $45.00

Availability: In stock. Delivered instantly.

This is a new option that popped up. If it needs to be verified within 60 days, they do it for free. After 60 days, it costs a $3 fee. But if the reverify fails, then they do not refund the account.

This sounds like a better option than the old option that couldn’t reverify for you. It is more expense though, but with the account being safer it may be worth it.

How do I reverify in the future?

Contact email:

Email Title: lost ark account re verify

Include these 3 in description:

1. Order number of NewGameWay

2. Game ID, Password

3. Screenshot of Error

NewGameWay team will check your game account and fix it quickly.

CouponNGW CouponNGW2

Make sure to check for available coupons before purchasing!



Price: $30.00

Availability: In stock.

$30 for a new account. If it gets hit with a reverify, you lose the account.


Make sure to use the coupon before purchasing!



Price: $9.54

Availability: In Stock

Warranty: 1 day

This is a newer option that is going in and out of stock according to some people. They also give full account details such as access to email password now.

This site won’t reverify for you either.

SEAGM Subscription Account


Price: $14.32/month

Subscription account. They do not cover account restrictions due to IP blocked, botting and hacking.

Where can I discuss about accounts?

Join the /r/LostArkGame Discord and discuss in #account-relations.


Of course there’s always this option as well.