This guide assumes you already have an account and the game downloaded.

Lost Ark requires a VPN with Korea servers to launch the game and connected while playing. This guide will walk through setting up the game with a 3-day free trial of ExitLag. If you end up preferring ExitLag as your VPN, you can use the coupon ‘LADB’ for 15% off your subscription.


Once you’ve installed ExitLag, launch it and it’ll prompt you to login with your account.


Next you’ll want to search for and add Stove to the VPN. Lost Ark should be there automatically, but if it isn’t make sure to add it in manually too.


Now you’ll want set the game region of Stove and Lost Ark to the same KR Seoul node 1-6. In this example, we’ll be using KR Seoul02.


Then for Lost Ark, press optimize to let ExitLag automically setup the best routing for you.


After it’s done optimizing it, press Apply Routes to save.


While your ExitLag is still enabled, launch the Stove launcher shortcut. You should see Lost Ark on the left tab of the launcher.


Assuming you’re all patched and ready to play, click the blue button to launch the game.


The game should start loading up with XIGNCODE3 guard, a splashscreen of a character, and then a loading screen with a message. Then you’ll get to the server selection screen. Most of the community servers are full, so your best bet is to play on an available server if you want to play right away.


If the server is full and you’re unable to get in, enter an empty channel and leave to refresh the server selection screen. You’ll have to do this until a slot is available to create a character. The time to get in is random and depends on your luck.