These are stats of the class roles in Lost Ark discords that are self-assignable. It is a small sample size and does not accurately portray the game.

I plan to do more of these on open beta day and after.

/r/LostArkGame Discord

Note: Multiple class roles allowed per person.

Class Players
Arcana 106
Soul Master 84
Infighter 75
Berserker 73
Battle Master 73
Summoner 71
Hawkeye 66
Bard 65
Devil Hunter 56
Warlord 39
Destroyer 38
Blaster 30

Thanks to ThePlayingViking for sharing this.

Want to add your class role in Discord? Join the /r/LostArkGame discord and set your role with .role rolename in the #role-assignment channel.

Korean Lost Ark Discord

Note: Only one class role per person.

Class Players
Hawkeye 160
Bard 129
Arcana 89
Soul Master 79
Devil Hunter 71
Summoner 67
Blaster 57
Warlord 55
Infighter 51
Destroyer 40
Battle Master 27
Berserker 26

Thanks to Tengu for sharing this.

Both Discords

Total between both discords.

Class Players
Hawkeye 226
Arcana 195
Bard 194
Soul Master 163
Summoner 138
Devil Hunter 127
Infighter 126
Battle Master 100
Berserker 99
Warlord 94
Blaster 87
Destroyer 78