Navigating foreign game menus is possible without knowing how to read any of the language. The key is to click things and see what it does, and then memorizing where you clicked and what it did.

After learning this skill, you won’t need to read the Korean letters at all to change your settings or tell someone else how to do it. I only have the video and audio settings translated right now, but when open beta is live I’ll update this guide with other menus.


Imagine this situation: One of your party members asks you how to change his game to Windowed mode. How do you show him how to do this when everything is in Korean? Instead of typing out the Korean name, you can refer to it on the menu like this:

Settings > 1st Tab (Video) > 2nd option (Screen) > 2nd drop down option (Windowed)

Video 1st tab Video Reset
  Resolution Settings  
1st option Resolution [1920x1080 16:9]
2nd option Screen [Fullscreen/Windowed/Windowed Fullscreen]
3rd option 21:9 Aspect Ratio [✓]
4th option Mouse Cursor Lock [✓]
    Effect Settings
5th option All Settings [MAX/High/Medium/Low]
6th option Screen [MAX/High/Medium/Low]
7th option Texture [MAX/High/Medium/Low]
8th option Shadow [MAX/High/Medium/Low]
9th option or 7th option from the bottom Character [MAX/High/Medium/Low]
10th option or 6th option from the bottom Particle [MAX/High/Medium/Low]
11th option or 5th option from the bottom Anti Aliasing [✓]
12th option or 4th option from the bottom Post-Processing [✓]
13th option or 3rd option from the bottom Improved Shadows [✓]
14th option or 2nd option from the bottom Improved Shading [✓]
  HUD Resize  
Last option   Reduce(80%) Reduce(90%) Standard Enlarge(105%) Enlarge(110%)


And now your party member wants to adjust his effect volume. According to the chart, you should give directions like this:

Settings > 2nd tab (Audio) > 3rd option from the bottom (Effect) > Adjust volume slider or check the box to mute.

Audio 2nd tab Audio     Reset
  Audio Options      
1st option Preset [Custom]    
2nd option Master >=========I 100% Mute [✓]
3rd option System >=========I 100% Mute [✓]
4th option Interface >=========I 100% Mute [✓]
5th option BGM >=========I 100% Mute [✓]
6th option or 5th option from the bottom Dialogue >=========I 100% Mute [✓]
7th option or 4th from the bottom Environment >=========I 100% Mute [✓]
8th option or 3rd option from the bottom Effect >=========I 100% Mute [✓]
9th option or 2nd option from the bottom Play sound in background [✓]    
Last option Skill cooldown SFX [✓]    

Thanks to Chimie, Geeageee, and Hesse for translating and providing screenshots.