LDPlayer and Google Translate App turns out to be a neat tool for playing foreign games. It has OCR for translating text in game, a phrasebook for keeping useful translated phrases, and a way to translate game audio in the app’s conversation mode.

This guide will focus on Lost Ark but this can be used for anything like watching foreign streamers or YouTube videos, translating English streamers to your native language, etc. It isn’t perfect but works well for short phrases and getting the gist of it. It should also work with any language supported by Google Translate.

This is what you should expect to see. Note that LDPlayer would be on your 2nd monitor and not on top of the game as I only did that for recording.

First you’ll want to install LDPlayer. Other emulators use too much system resources for them to work as well as LDPlayer. This is the best option I’ve found that is lightweight enough to run with the game.

Then install the Google Translate APK that you can download off APKMirror.com. You can double click the APK to install it into the emulator or press the APK button on the right side menu to browse for it.

Then install Voice Meter Banana and then restart PC after installing.

You should set this up before running Lost Ark.


Run Voice Meter then set it to use your main output speakers as MME. This is so that your main desktop audio goes through Voice Meter.


Then set Voice Meter as your default audio device.


Then in LDPlayer, set your default recording device as Voice Meter Output.


Then launch the Google Translate app. Go to settings and disable these options. This is so that it won’t speak after every translation and starts the next line quicker.


Set the language to Korean to English and then use the conversation mode. Use automode to automatically capture voices.