One great memorization practice I like to use is the Keyword Method. I didn’t know that there was a name for this until I googled it. But all you have to do is convert the sound of a word into a similar sounding concept that you can visualize as an image.

Or you could learn Korean instead. But for those that are too lazy I’ve made a few fun images that should help you remember the English server names in Lost Ark.

이그 하람 Egharam Egg Harem


Eg sounds like Egg and the first letter looks like an egg too.

Haram sounds like Harem and the 2nd letter looks like a rotated letter h.

안타레스 Antares Aunt Ares


Ant sounds like Aunt.

Ares is the name of the Greek God of War.

The last letter 스 can remembered as a Best Aunt Ever hat being worn by Ares.

However, some of the other server names also end with 스 so you’ll have to remember that there are four letters in 안타레스, Aunt, and Ares.

시리우스 Sirius Serious


Sirius sounds like serious.

The 3rd letter of 시리우스 looks like a person. You can remember this as a person with a serious face.


Can you recognize these in the server list now?

As I make more of these, I will edit them into this post. Feel free to comment about any other ideas you may have.