Lost Ark RU now has a demo available from May 30th to June 6th, 2019. The registration for Mail.RU is free, and there will be no reverification waves according to the RU CM. All you need is a Russia VPN which I have linked below with free trials.

Mail.RU Account Creation

Register at Mail.RU

Or at la.mail.ru and press these buttons:



Enter your account details to signup for a new Mail.RU email.


“I don’t have a phone number” option to skip phone number confirmation.



Some people may not be able to skip phone number confirmation. You can use any number, but I was able to skip it using a RU VPN to register.



Exitlag now supports Lost Ark RU server now and has a 3-day free trial. Use the code GINGIN for 15% off.


ProtonVPN also has Russia servers available and has a 7-day free trial which should last enough for the entire demo duration.

For more VPNs, check out my VPN Guide.

After you submit, you need to enter the captcha to complete registration.


Download the Demo

The demo can be downloaded on the official page or this direct link.



The entire game is 27.6GB and doesn’t require a VPN to download. You will need a VPN to be able to play the game though, as it is confirmed to be region locked.

Demo Contents



In the demo, you’ll be able to play with the character creation mode and test skills for available classes in Trision Gate area. The 4 available classes are: Berserker, Blaster, Battle Master, Bard.

Arena PVP mode will also be unlocked on June 2nd. Last Team Standing, Team Death Match and Free For All are returning arena modes from the KR server.

There will also be a PVP tournament on June 4th. More details to come.


Is Lost Ark RU region locked?

Yes, you will need a Russia VPN to play. But registration is free and there won’t be any reverification issues according to the RU CM.

What is the RU demo?

The demo lets you test class skills for Berserker, Blaster, Battle Master, and Bard in trision gate, play through the first area and eventually PVP.

When does the demo end?

May 30th - June 6th, 2019

How big is the demo?


When does PVP start?

Arena opens on June 2nd and the tournament begins on June 4th. See #ru-pvp in Lost Ark Discord for discussion.

When does the actual RU server launch/CBT/OBT?

It’s unknown, but you can purchase founderpacks for future access on the la.mail.ru site.